Facility Information / Access Information
Facility Information / Access Information
“Yamagata Marugoto-kan Beni-no-kura” has functions of offering French food made from vegetables and fruits grown in Yamagata city, selling fresh and reliable vegetables and fruits grown in Yamagata city, and traditional crafts, planning and holding seasonal events, and giving tourist information. You will be satisfied with our services.
Storehouses in “Beni-no-kura” were owned by a major safflower merchant, Hasegawa family. Based on the idea of creating new value, using advantage of the history and the culture of Yamagata city, our goal is to rediscover and promote value of local resources in Yamagata city, revitalizing downtown of Yamagata city, and strengthening function as a tourist information center.
2-1-8 Tokamachi, Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture 990-0031
TEL.023-679-5101 (front desk)  URL. http://www.beninokura.com/
Managed and operated by: Yamagata City Urban Development Corporation, General Incorporated Foundation
Days Off: January 1 (Regular days off differ store by store)